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Source: White House_Flickr (public domain).

President Donald Trump will mark his 100th day as POTUS by holding a rally this evening in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

The event which is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. will be held at the PA Farm Show Complex & Expo Center in the New Holland Arena. Doors open at 4:30 p.m.

Progressives still unable to come to grips with their loss in last November’s presidential election, are unleashing the usual suspects on attendees to President Trump’s rally this evening.

Thus, it is no surprise that the Lebanon County Democratic Party in collaboration with SEIU Local 668, Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Dauphin County Democratic Committee, Sierra Club Pennsylvania Chapter and the Lancaster County Democratic Committee have scheduled an anti-Trump rally Softball Field, 116 Azalea Drive, Harrisburg, PA 17110, the location of which is a 6-7 minute walk from the complex where President Trump’s rally is being held.

Above map: Pres. Trump’s rally location is on the left. Anti-Trump rally on the right.

Progressives are protesting under the guise that President Trump broke his promises. What a farce. The anti-Trump rally protest riot which begins at 5:00 p.m. is intentionally timed to intercept with the President’s rally.

Antifa, Indivisible, Refuse Fascism and fellow Marxist thugs will also attend. In addition, those with an agenda are keeping tabs.

The endgame is to block Trump supporters from reaching their destination just as Black Lives Matter and fellow domestic terrorists did at the Presidential inauguration in Washington, D.C. this past January and throughout the 2016 presidential campaign season.

Oh and don’t be surprised if and when these domestic terrorists attempt to crash and shutdown the President’s rally as they did at the University of Chicago last year forcing its cancellation.

Pursuant to an alert from the Oath Keepers at the bottom of this post, Antifas alerted fellow thugs to wear black, cover their faces and be prepared to do battle.

The Washington Times

There are two momentous political events to consider this weekend, and they are polar opposites. First, we have President Trump, who will step out on the broad stage of a major arena in Pennsylvania Saturday night for one of his favorite activities: a massive, grass-roots rally to affirm his first 100 days in office and to connect with the voters that love him. The event is not without issue. An anti-Trump protest and rally is planned by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and activists from around the state who claim the president’s time in office has been “filled with alternative facts, incompetence and international scandal.”

Then there is the White House Correspondents Dinner in the nation’s capital, staged in a posh hotel some 96 miles to the south. Just as Mr. Trump arrives on stage in Harrisburg, several thousand formally clad journalists, lobbyists and celebrities will stroll out of a dozen different cocktail parties and begin the promenade toward the glittering ballroom, where they will dine on a sumptuous meal and giggle over inside jokes[…]

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Below is an excerpt of an alert dispatched by the Oath Keepers who will be present.

Several organizations, including Antifa, are organizing anti-Trump rallies and marches to coincide with his appearance.

One of the anti-Trump events will begin around 5 p.m. near the softball field in front of the Dept. of Agriculture building on Cameron Street. In an email, organizers said that gathering will then be followed by a march beginning at 6 p.m. at the intersection of 7th and Forster. The march will proceed north on 7th Street toward the Farm Show.

A collective of regional Antifa organizations has asked its members to begin assembling on the intersection of Peffer St and Wallace St, behind the park. They anticipate that sufficient members will congregate from Antifa organizations in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey to form a march by 8:30PM. They have asked their members to “show up prepared to physically defend the march, wear black and cover your faces”. They have also requested that street medics to show up prepared to provide medical treatment….

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