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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

For years we’ve been talking about the conservative wing and Establishment wing of the Republican Party. I don’t want to minimize conservatism here, but conservatism is actually undergoing some redefinition right now, and that redefinition is caused by the impact of the election of Donald Trump, splitting some intellectual conservatives away until they can reassess just where “the People” fit into their planetary scheme.

But the rise of the People, as set out in the Constitution, is now center-stage, at just the right time it seems, and many conservatives consider this a good thing. At least this holdover from the Buckley Boston Telephone Directory School of Conservatism believes this to be the case.

The spotlight today is on 63 million voters who are not random but situated as governing partners with Donald Trump, joined by a common thread, to coin a phrase, to “make America great again.”

The sincerity is real. The connection is real. And for proof I offer the fact that the promises Donald Trump has made that he can carry out on his own, he has, while the promises he has made that requires the action of Congress (only one, so far) stalled rather quickly, as if suddenly, after several unanimous votes to overturn Obamacare, they realized their vote would matter, so they returned to type, and balked.

What this proves is that the Trump wing, or People’s wing, of the Republican Party, is invested with a kind of character which the settled Establishment is largely lacking.

In various periods of American history it was vitally important that this character of the People, versus the political skills of the establishment, has been able to shine through.

This is one of those periods.

Of course, if you are of the People wing, you already know this. This is why we hired Donald Trump in the first place, to replace survival-endangering political maneuvering with survival-enhancing common sense, essentially to drain the swap.

So, we expected the GOP House to dither, to be pushed, kicking and biting, to do what we tell them, before we can whip them into shape. No doubt, some will have to be fired.

It was never an overnight undertaking, but there is time.

There is also a way.

The People’s wing faces a myriad of roadblocks to actually achieve what it has commissioned the GOP to do.. First, the left and Soros-financed rent-a-mobs have high-jacked our town halls, so it’s impossible for members of Congress to know just who it is out there yelling and screaming them down when they try to talk.

Answer: since the people who voted for Trump proved over several appearances of not just Trump, but all of the Republican candidates, that they do not misbehave in this manner, never have, never will, the GOP members should easily know these racketeers are not likely Republican voters[…]

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