Trial No. 1:

Liberty Nation by Kit Perez

The first Bundy trial has ended in a mistrial after finding a federal informant guilty of eight charges and one of the defendants guilty of two lesser charges. The jury was hopelessly deadlocked on sixty more charges, even after federal judge Gloria Navarro sent the jury back to deliberate further….

Todd Engel was found guilty on two charges; obstruction of justice, and interstate travel to aid extortion. Greg Burleson, a fellow defendant also revealed to have been working for the federal government as an informant throughout the events at Bundy Ranch, was found guilty on eight charges. According to Maxine Bernstein of OregonLive.com and Jenny Wilson of the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the jury was “hopelessly deadlocked” on all other charges […]

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Videos courtesy of Valley Forge Network.

The Bundy’s trial is scheduled to begin June 26, 2017. A third trial for six others is expected in the fall 2017.

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