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Source: ICE (Facebook)

On Monday, the Seattle City Council passed CB 118946. The legislation that provides $1 million creates a legal defense fund for illegal aliens to fight the deportation process.

*”indigent Seattle residents” meaning illegal aliens.

…The ordinance, funds civil legal representation and guidance and referral services for legal representation, for indigent individuals living or working in Seattle, for issues related to their immigration status.”

It doesn’t end there. The Metropolitan King County Council creating a good crisis (Enactment 18499) approved $750,000 for illegal immigrant and refugee programs, $350,000 of which covers legal defense for illegals because after all, it’s President Trump’s fault (sarcasm).

The Progressive are balking over the fact that illegal aliens have no “legal” right to representation as ruled by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals (of all courts, can you believe it?) two months ago.

In other words, illegal aliens are not entitled to American taxpayer dollars to acquire legal defense to fight deportation. Yet, as reported by The Washington Times, taxpayer coffers in Washington, D.C., Los Angeles County, Chicago as well as Seattle are being pilfered to provide legal defense for illegal aliens.


These funds are a smack in the face to American taxpayers and the President of the United States.

American taxpayers should not be picking up the tab for those who broke the law by jumping the line ahead of legal immigrants when they entered this country.

Bureaucrats backing illegals and fleecing taxpayer coffers on behalf of illegal aliens should be voted out of office.