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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

Subject: What to do about a Republican Party that is so stockholmed with fear, fractured by ambition, tone deaf to its own people, culturally monochrome, buried in petty policy differences and sharing a personal dislike for the commander-in-chief who actually empowered them…that it cannot carry out a simple Commission given it by the People of the United States?

For the third time in American history the American electorate has taken over the political process and issued strict orders to its elected employees.

I need to emphasize this:

The first time was the Civil War, 1860-65, the second time, World War II 1942-1945, and this last time, today, moving forward, in each case to restore a survival-endangered plank of America’s existence as a nation of free people.

In each of these three cases America found itself at an existential crossroad and each of those times the American people, not the Congress, not the business-as-usual politics of the day, defined the terms of how the government would move forward and how it would all end.

For those few years, less than five, while life was changed, yet went on, in both home-town America and the political affairs in Washington, the Congress was entirely beholding to the will of the People, it’s primary duty, its directive, staring them in the face each and every day until it was over. Every other duty was secondary.

If you will look more closely at the Civil War years you’ll note that petty political life was more or less suspended for the duration. While there were still taxes to be levied and collected, businesses to run, the only purposeful business of America those four years was to build an arsenal of arms and men to fight a war with its own brethren in order to preserve the Union and, in the bargain, end slavery…which the people and the Republican Party who had won the national government in only its third try, considered an insidious evil.

And as long as Abraham Lincoln lived, he kept that mission in front of all others[…]

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