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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

My only complaint with Sean Spicer is that he has always given the White House press corps more credit than they deserve. Like uncivil students who take advantage of a class lecturer who gives the class some leeway for give-and-take, they take advantage of his good nature by trying to argue and filibuster.

We know this because these gives-and-takes make for popular television on Spicer’s popular daytime television show, The Daily White House Briefing. So the outtakes from these shows provide the fodder for the next day’s internet news universe, almost always mocking Spicer.

My constant reminder to Mr Spicer (I’m older than his boss) is that this news universe, their universe, is now much smaller than perhaps even the White House knows. This is largely because of their own profligacy with the facts, and “criminally” exposed to the public, by Sean’s boss. So, today they are teetering on the precipice of irrelevancy, at least among the people who put Sean Spicer in that job in the first place.

On this account, everything is demographics, or as modern pollsters call them, “unfortunate truths.”

If I want to know what Sean Spicer said on any given day, I just visit any left-leaning news aggregator, Yahoo! News Home Page my choice as the best for trolling anti-Trump, anti-Republican, anti-God, anti-America and pro-Big government, authoritarian and pro-Democrat news analysis. Yahoo was read enough to know exactly when to break from Russia-neutral to Russia-bad in November, 2016.

Sean Spicer needs to know just how small this world really is. They are almost all pro-Left, usually heavier on one cause than others, but generally aligned[…]

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