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Benjamin Crump, attorney for Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown’s family and creator of the infamous “hands up don’t shoot” lie that the grievance industry years later won’t let die (play on words there) is coming to a social justice channels across America.

The race baiter in chief is one of six featured attorneys participating in a fake Fox reality series, “You the Jury” and that’s one of the many social justice (anti justice) programs to which Crump is involved.

The series will air on social justice network, TV One formerly owned by Comcast and now “Radio One,” a Black-owned broadcasting company.

According to Radio One’s website it is a multi-media platform that reaches “over 82% of Black households.”

CNS News by Michelle Malkin

Next week, the Florida-based legal celebrity will debut as one of six featured attorneys participating in show trials on the new Fox reality series, “You the Jury.” Crump is also serving as host and executive producer of a six-hour miniseries on the A&E Network titled “Who Killed Tupac?” And busy Benjamin is hosting “Evidence of Innocence,” a documentary series that will profile “the unbelievable true stories of individuals who were convicted of crimes they didn’t commit…”

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The Fox News website states that the program hosted by Judge Jeanine Pirro will present specific cases that will touch on hot-button issues:

Whether it’s online trolling and the limits of free speech; the constitutional clash of gay rights with religious freedom; or whether someone’s death was the result of a tragic accident or something far more sinister…

Closing arguments will be presented and viewers will have the opportunity to take part in reaching a verdict by voting near the end of the program.

Just what America needs, another program to drive snowflakes and SJWs further over the cliff, when a verdict of which they disapprove is rendered.