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It has been reported by Josh Dawsey of Politico, (and no real fan of Donald Trump’s administration) that Dana Boente, an Obama appointee, will now be handling the investigation into the “Trump Administration and Russia” matter.

Didn’t Trump and his people learn anything with Sally Yates? That Jeff Sessions has not been able to fill those deputy-slots is the result of a strategy by the Democrats and Charlie Schumer, and it seems to be working out pretty well. So, as politics, today everyone seems to put this in the “all’s fair” category.

But the lines about legal, even criminal, matters have been blurred, so this is important.

On the Trump side there seems to be a fear of putting less-qualified people into those slots, if only on an interim basis, instead choosing to hold onto known goods, however damaged.

A serious mistake, in my view.

My own view is that the country and the overall mission of Donald Trump (and America’s) will be better served if those Obama hold-over desks are empty, starting today by 4;30 PM, rather than have someone remain at that desk who, by the company he/she keeps, may have placed our country beneath their own careers, and perhaps even a more treasonous ideology intent on displacing the very Constitutional legal structure they are all sworn to uphold.

This simply won’t do.

I know Jeff Sessions wants certain people in those positions, as do other agency heads, but it’s vitally important those slots be empty today of any foreign influences, which in light of the leaks and wrecking, seem to be more than latent risks. What Jeff may not know is a lesson virtually every military officer in the administration knows, for it is a lesson that made the American military the best fighting force in the history of warfare…all of it predicated on 1) a shared mission, from general down to private, and 2) the ability of any soldier in a company-sized command to assume the duties of his next-ranking superior should he be lost in battle[…]

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