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Excellent analysis of President Trump’s first Joint Congress session.

What You Thought I Went Away… by JCscuba

At a time in our nation’s history when We the People haven’s been as bitterly divided since the Civil War and perhaps The Vietnam War, Donald Trump delivered an amazing speech outlining plans to overcome divisiveness and in doing so “Make America Great Again.”

He received 94 standing ovations with 25 times his oration being momentarily stopped as those in attendance went wild with enthusiasm.

Wouldn’t it be a tremendous idea to have members of congress not sit on the left or right but mingle and sit with each other to fill the hall in the Capitol Building?

In a further show of divisiveness, many democrat members of congress chose to wear white in honor of the “Suffragettestts.”

The congressional members on the left were so awestruck with President Trump’s performance they could not even stand up and clap when he promised paid family leave for illness for workers in the private sector.

The always vapid and confused Nancy Pelosi had absolutely no clew what hit here.

“President Trump Calms Down, Chills Out, and Rises to the Occasion” (Source)

Raise your hand if you expected Tuesday night to conclude with former Obama administration official and CNN commentator Van Jones declaring, “[Trump] became president of the United States in that moment, period.”

That is what Jones said after the evening’s most emotional point was replayed, and he even remarked[…]

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