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Secret Service calling out Progressive media propagandists for fake news. Of that, I can agree. Set the record straight.

Steve Clemons, an editor of The Atlantic while rushing to board a flight 14-hour flight from Tokyo to the Washington, D.C. tweeted out a series of tweets reporting that manager-level staff members of the Secret Service were forced to resign and escorted off the premises.


The editor, Steve Clemons (@SCClemons/twitter) went so far as to suggest that President Trump was reorganizing the Secret Service.



If I recall correctly Barack Obama terminated Secret Service members in more than once instance but all that aside, Clemons report of the firings and shake up is not true, according to whom? The Secret Service who responded to Clemons via Twitter.

Clemons, editor of The Atlantic was spoon-feeding followers fake news.

Breitbart News by Bob Price

…Steve Clemons, Washington editor at large for The Atlantic, began a series of Tweets on Thursday claiming that Secret Service manager-level personnel were forced to resign and were escorted out of the Old Eisenhower Executive Office Building (EEOB)….


Breitbart Texas reached out to the Secret Service who confirmed they contacted Clemons via Twitter advising him his story was not accurate. “His story was false,” Secret Service Spokesman Joe Casey told Breitbart Texas in a phone conversation Friday night. “It was not Secret Service personnel who were fired or escorted out of the building.”

It appears Clemons was in a rush to get his story out before confirming his facts because he had a plane to catch from Tokyo to Washington, D.C[…]

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Clemons apologized (if you can call it that) for the fake news, of course but he’s a Progressive propagandist, erroneous tweets mean so little.


In the meantime, The Daily Kos did not waste anytime reporting on the tweets and running with it.

Purge going on at the Secret Service?

…Speculation is that Trump would prefer his own security guards because of the NDA’s they are required to sign and the are not subject to over site.  Secret Service personnel are also required to report any illegal activity.  Trump’s team are not.  So the question is, will this be allowed?  Secret Service are employees of the United States no the King, Dictator errr….President they serve….

The Daily Kos followed up later, “Apparently the firings were not Secret Service but Cyber Security managers that share office space.  I tried searching for news stories with no luck. …”

The Atlantic’s editor in chief, social media witch hunt = FAIL and ditto that for The Daily Kos half-hearted clarification.