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[Disclosure:  I never watched The Apprentice EVER and I stopped watching The View somewhere in its second season.  Couldn’t stand the cackling of a bunch of hens.]


As you might be aware, the women on The View are Progressive and have a reputation of fiercely double-teaming, verbally abusing and being downright nasty to guests who are pro-Trump. They wear their reputation as a badge of honor as they lay in wait like prey for their next victim.

Omarosa Manigault was Friday’s guest on The View.  I believe she was on the first year of The Apprentice where she earned the reputation of being one who took no prisoners and after working on the 2016 presidential campaign for President Donald Trump, Omarosa is now director of African American outreach in the White House.

Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin pulled out the old arsenal of Progressives talking points that the left has been using for more than a year now against Trump’s campaign and either thought that (a) Omarosa mellowed with time or (b) that she was easy pickings.

Wrong on both accounts and while a fiery exchange among those on the panel, in the end, it was no contest. The women of The View were out of their league, visibly irritated with Joy pushing the envelope only to receive a parting shot from Omarosa which clearly stung.

H/t BizPac Review.