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Progressives have been behaving the past week or so like the animals in a three-ring circus that someone forgot to drug before the performance. (Not to worry, President Trump’s nominees all appeared to walk away unscathed.)

Back to the circus, this morning things got heated when Senator Pat Roberts jokingly offered Progressive Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon a Valium.

The “suggestion” occurred right after Wyden’s dog and pony show in which the Senator went after Trump nominee, Steve Mnuchin in another Progressive rant. (Progressives have been rather petty throughout the confirmation hearing in their attempts to destroy Trump’s nominees. FAIL.)

I thought it was funny. Mnuchin and a few others did as well.

First the Wyden’s 17-minute assault on Mnuchin’s record:

Now for the suggestion that Wyden pop a valium by Senator Roberts that resulted in a fiery exchange between Roberts and Sherrod Brown who clearly had a burr in his saddle.


Progressive REALLY can’t take the heat.