Who is Alejandro Villanueva and why he matters?

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crew-22312113Perhaps you watched the Pittsburg Steelers beat the Kansas City Chiefs during a last minute drive last evening.

If you didn’t, it doesn’t matter, this is a truly touching story about a young man a very special young man.


cafeman-army-black-knights-united-states-military-academyVillanueva played college football at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point where he was the team’s leading receiver for the Black Knights.

After serving 3 tours in Afghanistan he made the decision to pursue his dream, of becoming a professional football player.

He’s an American hero and a role model.

Army Ranger packs on 90 pounds chasing an NFL dream

Alejandro Villanueva pictured here from his time in the Army and now with the Pittsburgh Steelers, has gained 85 pounds since his time as a platoon leader. Specialist Marco Ruiz, Pittsburgh Steelers/Karl Roser

Perhaps you have seen him with his wife in the U.S.A.A. television commercial.

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