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As of the November 8th elections, I no longer discuss president-elect, Donald J. Trump, the election or its results with Progressives but if prodded, I ask the individual pushing the envelope if they have ever watched the movie “The Truman Show” starring Jim Carrey.

Most respond that they do but a few have not, the latter of which I recommend they do so.

Next, I recommend that each time the individual tune into their favorite government sanctioned propagandists that they think, TRUMAN SHOW.  TRUMAN SHOW.  With nothing more to say, I end the discussion.

Moving on, no Truman Show or fake news but fact.  Enjoy.


Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

Michael Godwin’s New York Post Jan 8 article “Democrats Wage anti-Trump Campaign for their Own Gain” is an important read for several reasons. It ties up the real position of Donald Trump, on the one hand, and the Democrat-Media Axis on the role of Russian government involvement in the 2016 election, on the other, into a neat bundle.

Moreover, for voters who may think the Democrats and Media may actually be able to change the new layout of the playing field our election win has drawn, it reaffirms what we’ve been saying here since November 8- that our world is divided into two realities, one real, based 0n observable facts, the other imaginary, based on a potful of psychological images, none of which are based on anything any more difficult to understand than wishful thinking.

Our side represents the reality, and the Democrat’s ability to lure into their web some appointees of the intelligence community, and not a few career bureaucrats which we’ll have to deal with in due course.

This is why, no matter how Donald Trump turns out in the end, we should be eternally grateful to him…not because he is up there on that horse instead of Hillary, but because he has placed us up there alongside him, not only because we can ride those whiny cretins afoot down, (figuratively speaking, in a rolled-up-newspaper, justified bloody nose sort of way) but we can finally crawl out from under our beds, where the left and media had more or less frightened us into hiding the past several years. We can view the battlefield now as a general might view his soldiers from a high point, which is how the world looks from a horse. “Yonder is (General) Jackson, like a stone wall.”

I don’t want to go all French nobility on the metaphor of being a cavalryman (chevalier), but you will have to admit, looking back over the past 60 days, since November 9, the world does take on a different aspect once you’re up here, and they’re down there….just inviting us to run them down.

Feels kinda nice, huh?

Don’t lose that, because that is how it is, and there is nothing the Democrats can take from us that will change it[…]

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