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Hillary Clinton is so juiced up; the odds are that Dr. Sugar’s candy will be her undoing.

Not only is “Crooked,” as she is referred to by Diamond and Silk unworthy to service as commander-in-chief, she is not physically or mentally up to the task.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Hillary was staggering this evening, heading for the car. Bill had to help her.

In this next clip, she’s confused trying to figure out if she’s getting on the plane or into the van. Palmieri quickly steps in front of the cameras to hide her confusion.

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When is the last time that the Clinton propagandists televised, Clinton going up and down more than two or three steps?

See below Michael Cernovich‘s forensic of the video (and Crooked) which by the way explains why tonight’s fireworks, if by some fluke or overstuffing of ballots, Hillary wins were canceled.