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So confident is Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media that many of us are (a) wondering if the mainstream media watched the same presidential debate Monday as the rest of us; (b) wished that Donald Trump had actually prepared for the debate; and (c) not allowed himself to fall for the obvious.

The obvious being that Donald Trump likes to speak of his achievements and goes after anyone who contests them with a vengeance. So what’s the problem?

It is that trait, as we witnessed Monday night, that Lester Holt and Clinton used to bait Trump, who as they expected, allowed himself to become sidetracked.

Ann Coulter

Trump was winning when he talked about the heinous trade deals that have shipped jobs abroad and immiserated millions of Americans — which Hillary supports. He was winning when he talked about bringing order and safety to black neighborhoods overrun with crime; Hillary’s with the criminals. He was winning when he talked about rebuilding our inner cities, instead of saying, “Vote for me!” then, “See you in four years!” — as Hillary does.

Unlike the media, ordinary people don’t care about Trump’s taxes or net worth or the things he said as an entertainer. Trump will be dead and gone in 30 years. But whether America continues to exist or becomes some dystopian blend of Guatemala and Afghanistan will be determined by this election.

It’s almost impossible not to correct a lie, especially about yourself, which is why Hillary and Lester Holt’s “baiting” strategy was to make outrageous claims about Trump…


Since Monday night, every second has been a bait Donald Trump festival manipulated by the Clinton campaign, a Marxist media, pundits and the few NeverTrumpers still holding out, all of whom fear losing their elitists bully pulpit this November.

During the next 38 days and most importantly at the next two presidential debates, Hillary Clinton and collaborators will directly target Trump’s ego repeatedly throwing barbs at the candidate.

Trump must deny them their pounds of flesh by remaining self-disciplined and focused.  America’s future depends on it and should Trump absolutely feel the need to respond, fine but after he wins in the presidential election.

Hillary’s handlers and media sock puppets are bragging still, four days after the debate about how easy it was to bait Trump especially light of Trump’s tweets about Alicia Machado.

Axelrod on former Miss Universe dustup: Trump took the bait

Donald Trump “took the bait” set by Hillary Clinton’s campaign by keeping former Miss Universe winner Alicia Machado alive in the news cycle all week, David Axelrod said Friday morning on CNN.

The former top adviser to President Barack Obama said the Machado “story is in its fourth day because of him” and added that “the Clinton campaign could not have asked for more” from its Republican opponent….

While most of us are aware that there is so much more that is news worthy in this election, message to Trump:  STOP FEEDING THE VULTURES!

There is much at state for the sake of the nation, The Donald must not ever AGAIN over the next 38 days take the bait and for goodness sake, leave the handling of Alicia Machado to the handlers and Conservative bloggers (be nice patriots).