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screenshot courtesy: Americans for Trump PAC

Lifelong Democrats have been breaking with the Democratic Party for more than a decade (example, baby boomers like myself) but during this presidential campaign season alone Democrat and Independent voter of all ages are fleeing the Democratic Marxist plantation en masse.  Bad news for Hillary Clinton who many Progressive voters can’t stand to see the sight of.  Good for Donald Trump who I’m praying will wipe the floor with the Crooked One.

Breitbart News by Matthew Boyle

Christian Rickers, the Virginia-based executive director of the Trumpocrats PAC—a Super PAC designed to help his like-minded lifelong Democrats abandon the sinking Democratic ship due to Hillary Clinton’s nomination and join the Trump movement—walked Breitbart News through why he is leading the effort among Democrats who support Trump for president.

Rickers’ argument centers on trade policy, and Trump’s ardent opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) that Clinton supported publicly more than 40 times but now claims she opposes. He points back to Bill Clinton’s backing of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) from his time as president, and Rickers says Democrats everywhere should be terrified of how much further Hillary Clinton would go if she’s elected president[…]

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