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Shortly after 23-year-old Sylville Smith was shot and killed by a Milwaukee, Wisconsin law enforcement officer last weekend and before facts surrounding the shooting surfaced, the city of Milwaukee went up in flames courtesy of Black Lives Matter leaders in Chicago, Illinois who used social media to incite riots.

Sylville Smith thug shot and killed by police officer Milwaukee Wisconsin 2


Back stepping to moments before the shooting: Smith and a fellow occupant fled on foot from their vehicle after being stopped by law enforcement during what should have been a routine traffic stop.

The officers both wearing bodycams pursued Smith and his friend on foot during which Smith and Officer Dominique Heaggan-Brown, age 24 also Black came face to face.

Officer Heaggan-Brown, who as it was reported earlier this week went to the same school with Smith, knew him and the two may have even had a history with one another, ordered the suspect to drop his firearm.

According to reports, Smith refused and may have raised his firearm that contained 23 rounds at which point, Officer Heaggan-Brown fired seven shots at Smith hitting him once in the arm and another in the chest.  The shots proved fatal and Smith’s firearm as it turned out was reported stolen five months ago along with 500 rounds of ammunition.

[UPDATEReports that Smith and Heaggan-Brown attended the same high school were disputed by Smith’s family and has since been confirmed by the officer’s family.  According to Smith’s sister both men “were well acquainted” with each other since high school.  In other words, both men knew who they were dealing with and what.]

Before the name, ethnicity of the officer who shot and killed Smith became public knowledge or the fact that they knew each other was reported, Milwaukee was burning.

See the frightening video below of how it got started (warning: raw language) and how Milwaukee’s law enforcement quickly became aware of just how uncontained and toxic the environment had become as thugs close in and someone at 01:21 of the video shouts, don’t touch any women out here.”  [Yeah, right.  That statement was merely for the benefit to give thugs about to do harm cover.  The female officer seen in the beginning of the video knew better and had good reason to be concerned. There is no respect for women in the thug culture.]


In spite of reports that Smith was armed with a deadly weapon, one which happened to be stolen along with 500 rounds, Milwaukee was burning.

Before Smith’s father, Patrick, spoke out, Milwaukee was on fire.

…I got out of jail two months ago, but I’ve been going back and forth in jail and they see those things so I’d like to apologize to my kids because this is the role model they look up to. When they see the wrong role model, this is what you get. They got us killing each other and when they even OK’d them pistols and they OK’d a reason to kill us too. Now somebody got killed reaching for his wallet, but now they can say he got a gun on him and they reached for it. And that’s justifiable. When we allowed them to say guns is good and it’s legal, we can bear arms. This is not the wild, wild west y’all. But when you go down to 25th and center, you see guys with guns hanging out this long, that’s ridiculous, and they’re allowing them to do this and the police know half of them don’t have a license to carry a gun….

Speaking of concealed carry, Smith’s brother can be viewed below displaying what is supposedly his concealed carry permit.

The video was posted to YouTube by Black Lives Matter Worldwide who conveniently leaves out of the discussion that Sylville Smith was carrying a stolen firearm and failed to drop his firearm when ordered to do so (reminiscent of the hands up don’t shoot lie). Oh yes, and the fact that concealed carry permits do not include stolen firearms.

Before Smith’s cousin, Ja’kari g. Rocaine posted the image below to his Facebook page, Milwaukee was on fire.

Jakari-G.-Rocaine facebook post Cousin to Sylville Smith

Jakari-G.-Rocaine facebook post part 2 Cousin to Sylville Smith

Before any facts surfaced, Milwaukee was burning and when the facts did begin to pour out, no one gave a damn as law enforcement came under attack, police cruises were set ablaze, white people were preyed upon and beaten to a pulp, businesses destroyed and a white youth shot in the neck by Black thugs (ethnicity not mentioned by the media).

Not even the mainstream media who for years have marginalized these riots as the fault of everyone else but those behind inciting chaos with Marxist propaganda, labeling them protests to better fit the narrative safe as they suddenly to found themselves fair game for thugs and were force to flee for their lives.


Then we have the multiple Facebook posts by an alliance or family member of Sylville Smith, Moogram No Pressure that FB has yet to remove and that can be interpreted as open threats to law enforcement (see below).

Moogram No Pressure Facebook posts threatening Milwaukee police Collage_Fotor 600 x 450


Those on the left pushing a false narrative, inciting chaos and provoking the war on police could care less that Sylville Smith was immersed in the thug culture which may have led to his death in the future by a gun belonging to a fellow thug.

Sylville Smith thug shot and killed by police officer Milwaukee Wisconsin and fellow thugs

It’s just the luck of Black Lives Matter extremists that Smith’s death and how he died provides Marxist ideologues/Soros paid operatives the opportunity to cease upon frame his death to fit their narrative.

Smith’s sister, Sherelle Smith, says that her brother was a sweet person.  No doubt, such sweetness of course which depends on whom one asks.

Sylville Smith thug shot and killed by police officer Milwaukee Wisconsin

Smith had four criminal cases, three of which were felonies and two involving guns under his belt.  One case was dismissed but the dismissal came about as a result of witness intimidation, i.e., snitches get stitches?

According to Fox News 6, Sherelle Smith claimed that her brother only carried the firearm for protection and would never have used it.

… “’My brother carried that pistol for safety. For safety reasons! He never shot his gun, ever!’ said Sherelle Smith.

In 2015, Sylville Smith was charged with shooting another man outside a home on Grant Blvd. in a dispute that allegedly stemmed from a fight between girls. The victim, Willis Turk-Stokes, identified Smith in a lineup. But while that case was pending, prosecutors say they obtained jailhouse recordings of Smith instructing a woman to get the victim to change his story. A short time later, Turk-Stokes wrote a letter recanting his statement….

Read full article

So how does Smith’s sister respond to the above, “I think they were phony” she said. (Ghetto mentality. It’s never them.)  Note this is the same woman who as you will see in a video further down in the post called on rioters to take the chaos to the suburbs aka white communities.  [Apparently, Smith does not realize that Black people live in the suburbs as well.]

And yes, like Ferguson and Baltimore, Milwaukee burned last weekend, prompting Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R), at the request of Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke to call in the National Guard.

The handling of the riots and assault on Milwaukee law enforcement outraged the Milwaukee Police Association who released the following statement and video on their Facebook Page:


“City Under Siege” …no excuses accepted?
The Milwaukee Police Association is proud to represent true professionals; categorically we denounce the suggestion of racism within the department. Our ranks are broad and diverse; derived from all God’s children. These officers deserve respect and support. Support which must begin with leadership – mayor/alderpersons, police chief, and community!

Elected officials are administered an “Oath” … focus should be, must be centric to upholding the law!

Leadership must denounce violent riotous behavior! There can be no appropriateness in rationalizing terrorist- like actions. The good families, beautiful young children, living in the neighborhoods where police were attacked and buildings burned certainly did not sleep well last night; how could they, when will they? The thugs that caused this are certainly terrorists and must be held accountable.

To be clear, when an officer utilizes a Use of Force during an arrest he/she is FORCED to do so by the actions of the perpetrator; when a subversive groups attack officers, burns buildings, and steals property it is a choice made.

This is what our officer was up against:


Your professional officers need your help – do not support any elected official that does not unequivocally support the law as written, while ensuring enforcement. Our police force is under staffed – our officers forced to work alone. We must be assured of Permanent Two-Man Squads… We must adequately [immediately] address the staffing deficit!! Our family deserves to know their loved one has a fighting chance to come home after each tour of duty.

…thoughts and prayers to the Community affected by the unrighteous; your officers care and remain at your side.

Mike Crivello, President, Milwaukee Police Association 2016.08.14

And on Twitter:

The one bright side if it can be said — Tweet of the Month:


Outrage of the hour – presented by the Clinton No Credibility Network, CNN was caught in the act of intentionally editing out footage of Sherelle Smith calling for thugs to instead riot and burn down the suburbs, code for white communities.

Reeling from the outraged sparked by their shameful attempt to rewrite the storyline, CNN spent a pitiful 25 seconds apologizing not for the edit but for getting caught.



See what CNN edited out:


Below is raw footage of the chaos, correction riots in Milwaukee last weekend as not reported by the media.  Warning: language raw.



Also omitted from news reports is the fact that those pushing useful idiots to riot but label them protests as in Ferguson, Baltimore, etc. live elsewhere.



What useful idiots fail to realize is that if the pattern of destruction and chaos continues, the day will come when entrepreneurs will take their businesses elsewhere, homeowners will not rebuild but instead move out of the community and their freeloading “let’s blame whitey and burn this mother down” will be homeless and their communities gutted.