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screenshot Ann M Ravel FEC COMMUNIST CROPPED

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

There is a plan by the FEC to regulate free online political sites to include free youtube postings and blogs like Drudge and Sean Hannity and much smaller sites.

Free speech on the Internet has not been regulated but Democrats want to regulate it. It’s an enormous overreach by government – the FEC does not legitimately have the power to regulate free speech on the Internet.

All blogs, videos, and Internet sites would be affected by a move at the FEC to add burdensome regulations.

The FEC under Democrat Vice Chair Ann M. Ravel is poised to come up with rules governing political speech on the Internet. She wants to treat political blogs like PACs.

The terms have expired for the three GOP members and they are waiting to be replaced. Once the FEC is led by Democrats, you can expect all these regulations to go through. The Democrat party does not support free speech anywhere.

They tried to reach an agreement on Internet campaign speech Friday but the three GOP appointees voted against it.

Americans and interest groups have been free in this country to enjoy robust political conversation on the Internet without burdensome government registrations and monitoring or keeping and reporting or records of expenses.

Ravel has decided that this has led to a loophole for major political players so she wants to shut us all down. The regulations she’s looking at will bump off the little guys like the Sentinel or even more significant bloggers like Drudge Report[…]

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