The mainstream media is hoping that they can keep the world distracted with their barrage of attacks on Donald Trump hoping that everyone will miss the final pitch that will destroy Hillary Clinton. Not a chance!

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Back in April I pointed out that the investigation into the Clinton Foundation, Teneo in particular, and a man named Douglas Band would be the downfall of the Clintons if it were to be. Now we see the headline New emails show Huma scheming for Hillary which reveals the noose is getting tighter. First the update, and then who is the real Douglas Band and his role in the evil doings of the Clintons.

Another 296 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails were released Tuesday — exposing key Clinton aides doing favors for billionaires and, on one occasion, leaving the then-secretary of state’s daily schedule in an unlocked hotel room.

The documents were released by Judicial Watch, which is suing to recover Clinton’s emails under Freedom of Information Act laws.

In an April 2009 email to Clinton’s State Department aides Huma Abedin and Cheryl Mills, President Clinton’s former body man, Doug Band…

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