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From Matt:

I wonder who writes Hillary’s scripts and schedules her days? This is why she lies all the time: she can’t remember what she had for breakfast, so she must stick to one story. This is why she sticks to “I always told the truth” about emails, bad as it is, it’s just one narrative, take it or leave it. As soon as Hillary goes off-script, even before an audience of tame “black and Hispanic journalists,” she flounders. This is why “short-circuited” popped out of her mouth. This is how her neurologists probably explain her seizures, so the term “short-circuited” was already in her mind and ready to blurt.

We need to find out who the black medico with the Diazapam pen is, and his CV. He’s no SS agent, that’s for sure. No wonder she had her “long break” during the debate. They were probably working on her…

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