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If you missed the 2016 Republican National Convention then thanks to the failure of the mainstream media you missed a speech by Colorado’s U. S. Senate candidate, Darryl Glenn.

Doing a disservice to Colorado voters and to Glenn who considers himself, an ‘Unapologetic Christian, Constitutional Conservative, Pro-Life, Second Amendment Loving Veteran.’

As reported by 9-News Network, not one of the major news networks or cable news outlets carried Glenn’s electrifying speech.

…Glenn is a compelling speaker in a closely watched Senate race. And he was speaking about race and violence in America.

His message deserved to be widely heard.

Those who did see the speech had a split verdict. The Washington Post said Glenn was one of its losers of the day, calling his speech ‘a series of hackneyed one-liners and blatant appeals for applause’[…]

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“…Here are some more facts Mr. President. Neighborhoods have become more violent under your watch….”


Feel free to check out Glenn’s website: 2016: Darryl Glenn for U. S. Senate, Constitutional Conservative Standing for a Strong Colorado.