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What if all of the love that Progressives pretending to show for the United States was part of the illusion correction the performances that we witnessed last week at the circus, ah hem Democratic National Convention?

What if the chants of “USA!” “USA!” “USA!” was not for love of country but attempts to make the right look un-American, outdo the love of country on display the week before at Republican National Convention an effort to make the Democratic Socialist of America party appear…. wait for it….pro-American. After all, Michelle Obama is finally proud of our country but not for the reasons that most Americans have always been proud of America.

That taken the genie is out of the bottle courtesy of Donald Trump and last week’s speakers at the RNC in Cleveland leaves Progressives eager to get the genie back in the bottle, so eager that they concoct a ploy intended to demonstrate their love of country but during those chants of ‘USA” “USA,” a delegate put Democratic Socialists of America on blast, exposing the deception, the hypocrisy and their loathing of all things American.

“Stop that. That’s a Trump chant.” Say what?  It’s not even a “Trump chant” but a chant from Americans who are proud of their country, something that flies over the heads of those belonging to the un-American Democratic Socialists of America.

Townhall.com by Katie Pavlich

During the DNC convention in Philadelphia this week, Hillary Clinton was booed by Bernie Sanders supporters, American flags were burned by protestors and a moment of silence for police officers murdered in the line of duty was rudely interrupted by chants of “Black Lives Matter!.”

On the floor to of the convention Wednesday night, Fox News anchor Shannon Bream reported a delegate yelling at those chanting “USA! USA!” to stop because it’s a “Trump chant.”

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Other tweets on Shannon Bream’s timeline that occurred about the same time.