On Thursday, the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) released a statement pertaining to Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s immigration policies. In March, the NBPC endorsed Donald Trump for president.

Natl Border Patrol Council Statement

national border patrol insigniaHistory will not look kindly on President Obama’s border security policies and his conscientious efforts to mislead the American people. Historians may refer to this period as the “Era of No Consequences,” which resulted in the increase of dangerous drugs like meth and heroin, as well as criminal aliens flooding our communities. Obama’s efforts to deceive the American public about border security, in order to pursue amnesty programs that were eventually rejected by Congress and the American people will go down as this Administration’s biggest — and deadliest — lie.

In reality, President Obama’s policies created the illegal immigrant crisis that dogged his presidency. For seven years, the President’s marketers sold him as the “Deporter in Chief.” There was no truth behind that marketing campaign. The truth is that those living in the U.S. illegally were less likely to be deported than under any previous administration. Interior deportations under Obama were down 40 percent and at a nine-year low. In addition, eight out of ten illegal immigrants caught at the border were allowed to stay. In many cases, they were given taxpayer-funded bus tickets to relocate to cities in the interior of the nation. Finally, the administration intentionally misled the public on how many criminal aliens ICE released into the country. It has been reported that the agency released more than 80,000 illegal aliens with criminal records. This number was significantly larger than what Director Saldana told Congress during her testimony. The Boston Globe reported that 30 percent of those released in New England re-offended and were charged with rape, child molestation, aggravated assault, armed robbery and attempted murder. This is Obama’s true legacy on border security.

President Obama’s immigration policies, the product of special interest collusion, have decimated border security. These failures have flooded our communities with illegal immigrants, criminals, and dangerous drugs, such as meth and heroin. The refusal to enforce our immigration laws has given drug cartels the opportunity to expand their territory across America and access lucrative revenue streams, as illegal immigrants have paid billions of dollars to these organizations to smuggle family members into the U.S.

A reasonable person would think that, after reviewing this abysmal record, Obama’s potential successor would distance themselves from this disaster. However, Secretary Hillary Clinton’s only criticism was that Obama did not go far enough. Clinton and Obama both agree that they must appease the radical extremists in their party’s furthest fringe. Unfortunately, the citizens who were victimized by criminal aliens paid the cost of that appeasement, as well as cities that were flooded with meth and heroin, and the crimes associated with the illegal drug trade[…]

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