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The Daily Sheeple by Melissa Dykes

screenshot of white noise machines to drown out Bernie Sanders supporters

Not only is the DNC paying people $50 a day to cheer for Hillary, and blocking off seats with “reserve” signs and not allowing Sanders delegates into the convention so Hillary delegates can go in first and reserve seats for the people the DNC is paying to cheer for Hillary around the Bernie areas so Bernie delegates have nowhere to sit, but apparently they’ve even gone so far as to install white noise machines above the pro-Bernie states so their cheers and chants will be blocked out when Hillary speaks tonight.

Here’s a Bernie delegate’s report from the floor highlighting the fact that these speakers weren’t up above the sections yesterday and they’ve been put up specifically above the states that are pro-Bernie:

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I gather from the above video that the DNC treated California delegates who arefor the most part Sanders supporters rather shabbily.

Everything that has been televised this week from the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia is an illusion down to the censoring of live feeds.

Targeting Americans who speak out is business as usual for Marxists, as witnessed by the past eight years under the Obama administration.  Consider this a forewarning America of things to come should Crooked Hillary get into the White House.

As for Bernie Sanders supporters, now they know what it’s like to have one’s liberties trampled upon. Just maybe in the future they will be more tolerant and respectful of non-Progressives whose liberties have been infringed upon for the past eight years.