screenshot elijah cummings dnc


It is bootlickers like Elijah Cummings that set this nation on the path to where we are today.

Independent Sentinel by Sarah Noble

Partisan hack Elijah Cummings was drowned out by anti-TPP Bernie supporters at the beginning of his speech Monday until his lobbyists in the front rows got louder.

His job in Congress is not to do his job but to continually act as an attack dog chewing up Republicans.

“I know tonight is smiling on all of us, and he, like me, is proud, proud of our platform committee, and our great nominee, Hillary Clinton, and our party’s bright future. And if my father, that brilliant man, with a fourth-grade education, but a mind full of wisdom and common sense, were standing here with us tonight, I know he would be proud of all of you, and he would say these words — that this election is bigger than Hillary Clinton, bigger than Bernie Sanders, it is bigger than all of us. It is about generations yet unborn. And he would say these simple words — you are blessed, so you can bless others. Go out there and vote and do not stop lifting up the American people. May god bless America!”

Bernie Supporters Drown Out Partisan Hack Cummings