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Donald Trump was not half-way through his acceptance speech a few nights ago at the Republican National Convention when Progressive media sock puppets began their fact-checks.

These so-called fact checkers twisted Trump’s words and presently the typical talking points based on fuzzy math and tainted realities.

Funny, actually it’s not, how the mainstream media mocked the part of Trump’s speech on crime in America labeling the 2016 Republican Party presidential nominee racist.

I expect that like the rest of us New Yorkers, that Trump during his travels throughout the city notices the police cruisers with their sirens blaring rushing toward a crime scene, ambulances rushing from the crime scene, the yellow tape and the helicopters overhead especially at 1 a.m.

I expect that like the rest of us New Yorkers, Trump noticed how much more often over the past few years that New Yorkers are seeing those sights and hearing those sounds.

I expect that like the rest of the country, correction, those of us paying attention and being honest with ourselves, that since the Ferguson effect, the dis empowerment of the nation’s law enforcement under Barack Obama’s Department of Justice including the implementation of community policing policies and other contributing factors as he has in the past have noticed how much longer it takes police to arrive when called.

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City Journal by Heather MacDonald

It is remarkable how little black lives matter when they have not been taken by a police officer. The mainstream media is foaming at the mouth over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s warnings about rising crime during his Thursday night convention speech. Trump pointed out that homicides were up nearly 17 percent in the largest 50 cities. (The latest research actually shows a nearly 17 percent increase in the 56 largest cities). There have been more than 2,000 shooting victims this year in Chicago, he said, and more than 3,600 killed in Chicago since President Obama took office.

The overwhelming majority of the victims in this post-Ferguson shooting and homicide surge have been black. In Baltimore, for example, 45 people were killed in July 2015 alone; 43 of them were black. Baltimore’s per capita murder rate was the highest in its history in 2015. In Chicago, 2,460 blacks were shot in 2015—lethally or non-lethally—or nearly seven blacks a day. By contrast, 78 whites were shot in Chicago, or one every 4.6 days. Twelve cities with large black populations saw murders rise anywhere from 54 percent—in the case of Washington, D.C.—to 90 percent, in Cleveland.

Trump’s concern about rising crime is therefore not a concern about white victims and the loss of white life. Rather, it is a concern about black lives. As Trump said: “[Y]oung Americans in Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, Ferguson . . . have as much of a right to live out their dreams as any other child America.” Hint to the media: He was referring to black children in those cities, such as the ten children under the age of ten killed in Baltimore last year; the nine-year-old girl fatally shot while doing homework on her mother’s bed in Ferguson, Missouri, in August 2015; and the nine-year-old boy in Chicago lured into an alley and killed by his father’s gang enemies in November 2015[…]

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