First illegal immigration co-opts the Civil Rights movement, the LGBT…Q are allowed to co-opt the Civil Rights movement. Okay, we know that Black bureaucrats and so-called leaders of the Black community have sold their souls and that of Black America down the road to hell but why are Blacks still asleep at the wheel?
Progressives pushing legislation of any kind to give felons the right to vote is self-serving and NOT a Civil Rights issue.

Titanic Brass

In what could be a staggering blow to Queen Hillary’s electoral hopes in Virginia, the state Supreme Court smacked down Governor Terry McAuliffe’s executive order restoring voting rights to over 200,000 felons. The ethically challenged McAuliffe – a longtime Clinton crime family crony – had sought to influence the election by attempting to add the new voters who would reward the Dems at the polls come November. It was such a blatant maneuver that state Republicans sued and were delivered a victory when McAuliffe’s chicanery was derailed.

According to CNN “Virginia Supreme Court strikes down McAuliffe order on felons’ voting rights”:

The Virginia Supreme Court on Friday ruled against Gov. Terry McAuliffe’s executive order seeking to reinstate the right to vote to approximately 206,000 Virginians who had been convicted of a felony but had completed their sentences.

Writing for a 4-3 court, Chief Justice Donald W. Lemons held that…

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