Eight years of Barack Obama has taken this nation AND the world deeper into darkness.

If he could order, he’d order everyone to dance all day to that stupid song, “HAPPY” and pretend to be euphoric. No Barack, the darkness of which you seek to blame on Donald Trump is your creation. YOU BUILT THAT and HILLARY CLINTON COLLABORATED.

Obama spent eight years blaming George Bush. His plan now is to spend the next 20 blaming Donald Trump as can be witnessed by tweets now surfacing on twitter blaming Trump’s rhetoric for the Munich terrorist attacks.
(Must admit that upon reading the first “it’s Donald Trump’s fault” tweet, a part of me began to wonder with the timing if all is really as it seems.)

Start Thinking Right

Remember when Obama made the intellectually stupid and frankly morally idiotic claim that Islamic State was “JayVee” and then tried to weasel out of his own utterly stupid remark???

He’s done that a few times.

He just did it again.

Demonizing Donald Trump’s Republican National Convention speech, Obama as demagogue-in-chief had this:

Obama rejects Trump’s dark America
‘This vision of violence and chaos everywhere, doesn’t really jibe with the experience of most people,’ the president says.
By Nick Gass
07/22/16 12:43 PM EDT
Updated 07/22/16 01:24 PM EDT

President Barack Obama on Friday strongly denounced the dark and dire terms in which Donald Trump and the Republican Party described the condition of the United States after nearly eight years of his presidency.

While remarking that he did not watch the convention, the president commented on reading “some of what was said and the one thing that I think is important to…

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