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crew-2231211Apparently shouting “Allahu Akbar,” isn’t enough, the fools contributing to this story in Britain are suggesting  “A gunman ranting against foreigners and Turks, suggesting a Neo-Nazi attack.”

Yep, Western Europe has seen a great deal of wanton slaughtering of it’s citizens claiming to be Neo-Nazi’s, particularly those screaming. “Allahu Akbar.”


This image appears to show the gunman, on the right of the screen, just before he opens fire. Where did he get the gun?Credit: Twitter

So it should  be any time that we hear from our inept useless leader calling for more gun control.

GunshotNo one has explained to anti-gun zealots that nothing they have ever proposed or done has saved a single life.

Their efforts are reactive, not proactive and negate the root of the problem.

munich shooting _OP_10_CP__1469213776359_4271649_ver1.0Islamic Jihadist’s are evil inbred murdering psychotics who live to kill and die. 

It’s that simple.

Nothing changes until they are wiped…

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