This woman insults everyone’s intelligence and gets a pass. Enough!

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Having female genitalia is “revolutionary,” according to Clinton

Hillary Clinton responded to the charge that she’s part of the establishment by asserting that she had female genitalia and that this was “revolutionary”.

In a rare new interview, Hillary was challenged by Charlie Rose on her image as a Washington insider.

“You come from the establishment, you have a deep political history, you have been part of the establishment since you were the first lady of Arkansas,” pointed out Rose.

After claiming she was an agent of change, Hillary stated, “I know what the rap is, you’ve been around since, you know, the beginning of time.”

She then paused and awkwardly switched to playing the gender card.

“Having a woman nominated for the first time by a major political party….Oh my gosh, that’s revolutionary!,” exclaimed Clinton.

Quite how it’s “revolutionary to…

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