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There is a reason as to why talk in the past of Black going back to Africa never quite got off the ground. For the record, my aunt traveled to Africa for four weeks every year.

During the last decade of her life, she traveled with her grandson but not once did dear deceased Aunt Geraldine speak of pulling up stakes and returning to what some Blacks refer to as the motherland.

black man delivers truth to power

In all honesty, regardless of the propaganda and the acuity of a utopia, for those of us who ties to Africa was severed hundreds of years ago, there is a reason that a century of back to Africa movement went nowhere fast.

To the disdain of Black extremists and fellow Marxist collaborators who hold up the grievance industry, Terrence Williams, the young man in the following video will no doubt hit a nerve as he calls out Black Lives Matter and takes on Blacks who blame the white man for EVERYTHING. Williams delivers his monologue with a piece of fried chicken and humor. (Wow, that’s going to piss a lot of people off.) H/t BizPac Review.

*Warning – Raw Language (but very funny)*