It didn’t take long for Black Lives Matter to pounce even the ones too stupid to realize that being a Black extremist won’t save them if they can’t quote the Koran.

The Foxhole

They spewed the same hate after the Bataclan massacre.  And Orlando.

From Breitbart.


Hell, as racist and militant as the mutherfuckers are, you  figure they’d be elated at the sight of white people slaughtered by a muzzie terrorist.

This little muzzie shitbag is a real tough internet guy:


From his profile:


Really? Do you know how many Americans have weapons, mutherfucker? Newsflash, Omar: Just because we’re saddled with a Dhimmi pussy in the White House until next year,  doesn’t mean the rest of us won’t kill you if you try your Caliphate here.

Bring it, muzzie bitch.


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