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How many times have you asked yourself, how is it that the media almost ALWAYS happens to be in the perfect line of vision at the right moment?

We’ve seen this before and apparently we will see it again in and around the RNC Convention next week in Cleveland OH, the following week at the DNC Convention in Philadelphia PA, and at every protest between now and the end of the year (don’t forget tomorrow’s Day of Rage).

RNC Protests 'Seeking Actors for RNC Mockumentary With Additional Opportunities' - cleveland_craigslist_org_tfr_5677704421_html 655 x 529

Source: Craigslist.

With the exception of the same faces, screaming, shouting, spitting, cursing, taking a face full of pepper spray along the outer perimeters (props for photo ops) of so-called displays of outrage or stepping out of the crowd to approach a police officer who arrests the individual while the cameras roll to catch an obvious well-scripted moment, the crowd is fake.

While the stakes are high, the Progressive dog and pony show is nothing more than an illusion. H/t Lady Raven.

Jon Rappoport’s Blog

This isn’t one company looking for actors and extras to protest against Trump in the streets of Cleveland, during the Republican National Convention next week. This is much bigger.

This is a year-long recruitment drive for extras.

You can’t have violence from just a few lone individuals on a quiet street in a city. It doesn’t play well for the media.

No, you need lots of extras and dupes and know-nothings to be there—people who commit no violence themselves, but give the impression of supporting it, people the cops can attack when the going gets nasty, people who will scream and scatter and run in every direction and throw trash and destroy cars. You need a full-blown theatrical production. For the news.

So we’ve had the US Attorney General, the US President, and Hillary Clinton meeting with Black Lives Matter (BLM) leaders. We’ve had major media promoting BLM. We’re seeing violent street protests against police violence across the country, and we’re seeing violence against the police.

This pumps up recruiting for the RNC Cleveland Convention next week, in a city where local officials seemed to have just awakened to the scope of the problem they’re going to face. A few months ago, they put in an order for a several hundred bicycles for cops. Cops on bikes? Really? How about cardboard barriers, too, and free marshmallows?

On the one hand, in Cleveland, we have DHS and FBI and Secret Service officers visiting the homes of “activists,” asking them what their plans are for the Convention—a clear attempt at intimidating them. On the other hand, city officials are still trying, at this late date, to work out arrangements with other cities, so policemen can be brought in to ramp up security.

Clearly, there are agent provocateurs of various persuasions, blending in and among the BLM and pro-immigration groups. These agents would commit the incendiary violence. They would strike the match. To say they are a rerun of the old FBI Cointelpro operation is an oversimplification[…]

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“There’s a sucker born every minute” (attributed to P. T. Barnum but actually delivered by rival David Hannum).

Enter 21st century as the psyches of millions of useful idiots are twisted and manipulated to accept what they appearances laid before them as fact as delivered by those who are not all paid crisis actors or were astroturfed in for a free meal, but agent provocateurs. It’s all an illusion.

In May 2016, an entity that calls itself Guccifer 2.0 hacked into the DNC’s computers and leaked online the Progressive propaganda campaign including costs to co-opt the message coming out of the RNC convention not to mention protests and other theatrics that will be on display in front of the RNC Convention Hall in Cleveland, Ohio.


“Our operation will consist of a campaign on the ground in Cleveland, from headquarters, and in battleground and other states to amplify a message that sets the record straight on what viewers will see at the convention…

We will also lay the groundwork with state parties to hold events that include notable officials and real people in their key markets to echo our message and set themes of the day. We will integrate these activities into a social media campaign to deliver content about everything we’re doing to as large an audience as possible…”

Guccifer2.0 has a treasure trove of goodies on his website which can be viewed here.

And in the true style of Saul Alinsky, mock your opponent with a freak show:

FREAK SHOW OUTSIDE RNC -- 'Casting Call for Actors in Cleveland for Republican Nat_' - www_auditionsfree_com_2016_casting-call-actors-cleveland-

Source: Casting Call for Actors in Cleveland for Republican National Convention Performance Art Piece, Auditions Free by Marc Breed. Excerpt:

…Should you have any unique artistic qualifications, be able to keep this project a sworn secret, be willing to work for peanuts, and tolerate a dictatorial task-master; you may forward a bio [with media]. You can be assured, that on your deathbed, this particular evening will be one of very few memories etched clearly in your minds….

Oh buddy.