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There is a motive behind the sudden attempt by Communists and their collaborators in the mainstream media to paint Black Lives Matter as a peaceful organization, when in fact they are anything but.

Enter next week’s RNC Convention in Cleveland, Ohio and month’s long threats of protests and riots by Communists, i.e., Barack Obama’s brown shirts.

Then there is last week’s slaughter of several Dallas law enforcement officers by a Black Lives Matter sympathizer if not extremist (one and the same as far as I’m concerned).

Obama’s sock puppets have been working overtime trying to distance Black Lives Matter from the protests in which BLM has been dropping slabs of concrete from overpasses on the heads of police officers.

CHAOS THREATS AT rnc gop convention cropped

How many times have we heard the word “love” and Black Lives Matter mentioned this past week in the same sentence when the actions for the past three to four years have proven that BLM is evil, hateful and dangerous. And that is just one faction of the left.

Clearly, there are forces jumping through hoops to re-write history and control the message. Good luck with that.

Next week, the out for blood Communist agenda is to commandeer news of the convention, blunt the message and to create mayhem by any means necessary.

Those harmed in the protests, some of whom could be members of law enforcement due to the police not being allowed to have ballistic shields (because they look too militaristic???) or civilians will be deemed collateral damage and as far as who to blame, the script already written will be to blame the Republican Party, Donald Trump, white people, the police.

Oh. I forgot one, guns.

Independent Sentinel (Guest Post)

Cleveland police are getting the Ambassador Stevens treatment during the RNC Convention.

The mission in which Ambassador Stevens was murdered along with his technology expert and two security agents was unguarded by Marines because Hillary didn’t want to send the wrong message. Instead, she put the 17th Brigade in charge of the mission. The Brigade included suspected Ansara al-Sharia supporters. In the least, they ran at the first opportunity.

When the Ambassador asked for help over and over again, he didn’t get it.

We now have what could be a violent and dangerous RNC convention in Cleveland. The most radical left groups have said they will go along with 50,000 Trump supporters. It could be a perfect storm next week but the Cleveland police weren’t given all that they need to do the job.

Steve Loomis of the Cleveland Police Union explained what is going on during the radio show, Everything Matters, Monday night with Edward Munoz and Kevin J. Burke.

A month ago, tear gas was off the table and there were going to be safe zones where the “protesters” could do whatever they want.

Preparation was held off until the past two weeks but Mr. Loomis feels they will be okay. Supervisors are concerned about the what if scenarios however. The chief said there will be zero tolerance, one rock, one arrest, and no blocking of the highway. Organizational leaders in Cleveland have been given this information. People from outside the city are the problem, specifically anarchists coming to stir up problems[…]

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