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Breitbart by Wayne Allen Root

Donald Trump's Records vs Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama screenshots


Why does no one compare Trump’s record with Hillary Clinton or Obama’s record?

Remember when Hillary held a press conference in front of Trump’s “failed” Atlantic City casinos?

Well it’s time for Trump to run TV ads standing in front of the entire Middle East. Stand in front of the ruins of Syria, Libya and even Egypt. Hillary presided over all of it. But her bad decisions didn’t lose her a dime. Her failures burned OPM- “Other People’s Money.” To be specific, YOUR taxpayer money.

Trump should run TV ads standing in front of the ruins of the Obamacare Co-Ops and exchanges. They are almost all broke and busted. He should point out the disaster of Obamacare has cost hundreds of billions. But it didn’t cost Obama a dime. Because he blew YOUR taxpayer money.

Now Hillary wants to expand Obamacare. Double down with YOUR money[…]

Let’s Compare Trump’s Record vs. Clinton and Obama – Breitbart