In a sense, one can say that the chickens are finally returning home to roost as Progressives have no problem disenfranchising the Black vote. The Black vote that makes no demands. The Black vote that’s not worth a damn as concluded by Progressives who have never been challenged by Black America to earn their votes.
Finally, can it be that with so many other biased cards in play, the Black vote is no longer needed? Suicide is fatal…on so many levels.


Earlier in June, I wrote about a petition filed by various members of the NC Democrat African-American Caucus  to remove the Party Chair, Patsy Keever.

The very lengthy list of charges against Keever include holding unconstitutional conventions, violating the Voting Rights Act and disenfranchising North Carolina African-American Voters.

No media covered the story then and no media is covering it now, except this one as noted in a press release from the Director of BlacVotesCount. This media blackout continues despite members of the NCDP African-American Caucus contacting multiple media outlets in the state.

Sources tell me that the News and Observer was contacted recently and that reporter Colin Campbell was assigned to look into the matter. Campbell apparently told his editor there was “no story there”.

In a new press release, the  original charges are repeated but highlighted is the ‘destruction’ of the Judicial Committee known as the Council of Review (COR).  This…

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