Those responsible for the slaughter of these animals should meet the same fate.

The Muslim Issue

Completely disgraceful for Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) to not pay for the dogs to retire in peace for all the service they did for security and safety. Vile.



Dozens of bomb sniffing dogs ‘killed by American security company in Kuwait after its contract with oil firm ended’

  • At least 24 dogs were killed by Eastern Securities, animal campaigners said
  • US firm accused of killing them after contract with Kuwaiti oil firm ended
  • Workers had not been paid for two months so allegedly took action  
  • Employee claims the dogs were sick and some were meant to be put down 
  • But colleague ‘jumped the gun’ and slaughtered them all in one go, he said
  • Grim photos show piles of dead dogs and worker stood on top of a body 

Dozens of bomb sniffing…

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