Justifying the insanity with an action that is equally insane is no justification at all. Whatever happened to do no harm?

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I am struck by the overwhelming majority of my friends who say they will vote for Hillary DESPITE the fact that they know she totally corrupt, should be in jail, and is a totally power mad Socialist who will make this country a living Hell.

But it’s better than voting for Trump.

I am no big fan of Trump.

But really?  Hillary??

I just don’t get it.

I guess the Devil you know is totally corrupt and will rape and destroy you is better??

I just don’t understand.


And it’s not like the Media is going to be “fair” or “Journalists”… 🙂

Derek Hunter:

A stench of hatred was in the air, so palpable you could taste it. How anyone could feel such animosity toward people they’d never met, who’d done nothing but lead their lives in a way that harmed no one but did not conform to the world…

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