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Missouri Education Watchdog by Gretchen Logue


Graphics accessed from robotslab.com

Graphics accessed from robotslab.com

Question. Why do human capital (school children) need to be trained in STEM when humanoid robots can learn STEM, and in fact, teach it? Robots are currently teaching special needs children in the classroom and robots in the video (below) are in a secondary education classroom. Each student in the video has his/her own robot; think of the robot as an iPad for every student or individual teacher. Think how much ‘a robot for every child’ would cost a school district.

If indeed human teachers will become guides on the side, their salaries will reflect their diminished role, possibly allowing districts to provide every student their very own robot. Districts will be able to slash curriculum directors as common core curriculum will be downloaded directly into the robots:

curriculum to be downloaded into NAO ROBOT


Districts will tell taxpayers robots are necessary to teach students STEM, although there is a possibility that these STEM trained students won’t be needed in the global economy as the robots will replace humans in many of these same STEM jobs[…]