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Founder of Judge Gonzalo Curiel’s La Raza Lawyers “We’re going to TAKE OVER all the political institutions in California” and those that don’t like it “They ought to GO BACK TO EUROPE!”

Last week after Trump University Judge Gonzalo Curiel was exposed as part of “La Raza Lawyers” who links the “National Counsel of La Raza” on it’s “Community” page,  the liberal media went into 24-7 damage-control mode.

You may have heard the narrative from anti-Trump media muppets such as Megyn Kelly that “La Raza Lawyers” is actually just some benign organization that has nothing to do with La Raza. (Which we busted as being 100% WRONG)

Now, reporting from Brandon Darby of Breitbart News confirms that Judge Curiel’s group “La Raza Lawyers” in ADDITION to linking “National Counsel of La Raza” on their community website page, was ALSO founded by a man who believed in Hispanic Supremacy.

Darby writes

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