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Breitbart News by Dr. Susan Berry

gender bathrooms


More than 60 leaders concerned about the mental health of American children have signed onto an open letter that asserts the Obama administration’s transgender bathroom decree for schools is “putting the nation’s children at risk.”

The leaders address the Obama administration’s recent “Dear Colleague” letter that denigrates the traditional common sense safety and privacy policy that boys must use boys’ bathrooms and girls must use girls’ bathrooms in school settings. The new policy – steeped in the ideology of gender fluidity – allows boys and girls to use the rest rooms and shower and locker rooms of the sex with which they identify at any given moment.

The letter’s signers write:

This controversial and reckless government overreach increases the risk for our children’s safety and privacy in deference to an un-tethered notion of rights. This policy rejects the scientific reality of every person’s biological sex. To force all Americans to comply with such an extreme and faulty premise – that every person’s sex is “assigned” to them, rather than simply identified at birth – is beyond the pale […]

Beyond the pale is putting it lightly. Hussein Obama has yet again overreached.

The letter can be viewed in its entirety here.