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In 2014, Commie Bill de Blasio who back in the day supported the Nicaraguan Sandinistas and is proud of it ran for mayor of New York City on the platform of “a tale of two cities.”  de Blasio’s goal (to hear him tell it) was to bring the City together as one.

Enter 2016 and New York is about as divided as the rest of the nation has become since Barack Obama walked into the White House several years ago.  Adding to that, the City as a result of Commie Bill’s social engineering policies and war on law enforcement has reverted to being as back asswards, dangerous, chaotic and miserable as it was twenty-six years ago when David Dinkins was mayor.

Bill de Blasio's tale of one city

Giving credit where credit is due, New Yorkers have come together as “one City;” but solely on account of our revulsion for Commie Bill, his wife, comrades in the New City Council and cronies.

These Marxist ideologues have set in motion policies whose endgame is the fleecing every New Yorker, taking no prisoners leaving all from the hardest working to the poorest bone dry.

Because no one escapes the fleecing, NYC’s treasury should be bursting at the seams, as deduced by New Yorkers on along with the certainty that de Blasio and Klan are illegally siphoning the funds from city coffers.

Commie Bill has taken ownership of the two cities for which he once despised.  In fact, de Blasio’s imaginary two cities have become a nightmare festered by a useless ideologue.  Ditto that for his wife, Chirlane McCray who most New Yorkers believe is the real mayor of New York.

New York Times by J. David Goodman

The central message of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s re-election pitch appeared clear, even early in his administration: After a winning 2013 campaign that deplored the “tale of two cities,” the mayor’s bid for a second term would be founded on his mission to create “one city” for all New Yorkers.

Words of unity adorned banners placed behind Mr. de Blasio at public events and the official names on his agenda: a plan for the city’s future titled OneNYC; a policing strategy named One City, Safe and Fair Everywhere; and a nonprofit formed to buttress the mayoral agenda, the Campaign for One New York.

But in recent months, as overlapping investigations have swamped City Hall, the notion that Mayor de Blasio has brought about a single unified city — a theme that mayoral advisers believed could lure New Yorkers into the fold who voted against him last time — appears to have all but vanished as an argument for his re-election in 2017….

Like hell, it is no secret that Bill de Blasio’s 2017 re-election platform of “one city” is a fallacy and a pipe dream.

Just because they espouse it do not make it so.  De Blasio and his policies are so despised that New Yorkers who did not vote for de Blasio the first time around will for damn sure not vote for the thug in 2017.

As for those who failed to vote in the 2014 NYC Mayoral election, most have every intention in November 2017 of righting that wrong.  EVERYONE wants de Blasio gone and de Blasio knows it.  (H/t Rifleman III Journal.)

“…While the ‘one city’ banners remain, the inquiries into Mr. de Blasio and his aides have sapped much of the mayor’s ability to court new voters at the moment, some of his advisers believe, especially skeptical whites who have mostly shunned the mayor’s agenda.

They also have given new hope to potential challengers in 2017: Bradley Tusk, a former close adviser to Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg and the architect of Uber’s successful bid to oppose Mr. de Blasio’s regulatory efforts, is vowing to organize aggressively in support of the mayor’s defeat in a Democratic primary….

Bradley Tusk?  A Michael Bloomberg flunky?  Now that’s a tough one.  Bloomberg approved permits for all of his real estate buddies when in office which resulted in an endless stream of high-rise commercial and non-commercial properties throughout the city.  As a result, many New Yorkers lost their businesses, jobs and homes (eminent domain).

Example:  Michael Bloomberg in collusion with Scot Rattner and the Working Families Party headed by Bertha Lewis pushed for properties in downtown Brooklyn which resulted in job and property loss.  The Bloomberg-Rattner-Working Families Party and New York Times marriage resulted in the Barclays Center, downtown Brooklyn.

Compounding the nightmare, de Blasio who ran on walking back permits and the development of commercial and non-commercial properties once in office has instead doubled down on Bloomberg’s efforts making Nanny Bloomberg’s agenda look like a cakewalk.

De Blasio is no better as new properties are sprouting up in neighborhoods undergoing gentrification, a little too fast for comfort or safety.

About that “tale of two cities,” de Blasio OWNS IT.

The shifting political landscape has forced Mr. de Blasio to retool his strategy: His aides said the new game plan was to highlight the mayor’s accomplishments, portray him as a capable manager of its day-to-day and long-term needs, and shore up support among the core constituencies that have long backed him, including labor unions and liberal activists.

Surrogates have blasted out a litany of mayoral achievements in email, on Twitter and in op-eds. Aides have pointed to supportive words from a small number of voices rising to defend the mayor….”

Returning to the “two cities” theme, the mayor has fashioned an array of boogeymen to rail against, from “billionaire media owners” and hedge fund managers to state investigatory agencies and Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who has been increasingly willing to punch back publicly. It is a refrain that the mayor has underscored since a recent strategy discussion in which he embraced the idea, one adviser said.

‘We said we would take on the tale of two cities,’ Mr. de Blasio told the crowd at his birthday fund-raiser last month. ‘But those who believe the tale of two cities is somehow ordained, they will fight to preserve it….’”

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Commie Bill aka Nanny Bloomberg on steroids.

De Blasio with his newfound platform, i.e., “tale of one city” is a fallacy, one of which is not lost on New Yorkers.

People living in communities undergoing gentrification, many of whom are middle class or living near or beneath the poverty level will be forced from their homes due to high rents and the increased cost of living in those neighborhoods which are now being transformed into tourist and business areas.

Case in point, commercial and non-commercial properties sprouting up in communities surrounding the Barclays Center (mentioned) above.  Many of the properties office buildings and hotels such as the Holiday Inn, Marriott, Nevins etc. intended during tourists and the business community.  Speaking of which, therein lies the reason that tickets for performances at the Barclays Center are practically off-limits to the average New Yorker but available to “first responders”, businesses and tourists traveling to the City courtesy of, their hotel and vacation packages.


Randi Weingarten Bill de Blasio Eva Moskowitz

Another of which de Blasio and comrades are most proud of is the war on charter schools and the Black and Hispanic children who attend the charters.

Just last week, Success Academy founder, Eva Moskowitz, announced that the cancellation of its pre-K program for the 2016-17 school year.

Besides his long-standing vendetta against Moskowitz, Commie Bill doing the bidding of the United Federation of Teacher’s is withholding state funding from Success Academy Charters (SA) unless SA signs a 241-page contract “granting the city detailed control of its pre-K programs, right down to the curriculum and rules for recess.”

Moskowitz who refused to allow de Blasio unfeter control over Success Academy will most likely pursue the matter in court especially since de Blasio’s mandate is an overreach.

Mona Davids, president of the New York Charter Parents Association and the New York City Parents Union who has been known to stand with the UFT stated that “Success is right to reject micromanagement from a school system with a proven track record of failure: ‘It is a shame to lose a high quality pre-K program because de Blasio has a vendetta….’”

Disclosure: Since my grandson attends SA, I can attest that much is demanded of their teachers who work as hard as the students, something which does not bode well with the teachers’ union.

New York Post

In April, as Success headed to court to make the mayor pay, more than 36,000 parents signed a petition to save the pre-K program. Now, in an open letter, parents of children accepted into Success pre-K for the fall accuse him of playing politics at the expense of their kids’ education: “You say you care about all kids but then discriminate against public charter kids and families.”

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Success Academy Collage Fotor

De Blasio’s power play and latest act of vengeance against Moskowitz will deprive hundreds of Black and Hispanic children the education they so richly deserve.

More de Blasio accomplishments:  Diminished Quality of Life, Useless contractors and blowing up NYC’s infrastructure.

Vision Zero, implemented in several states program is a power and money grab and while I have no idea how it’s working out in other states, de Blasio’s implemented of another social engineering policy that we could do without has transformed New York City into one massive traffic jam.

Red-light cameras on every street corner, pointed in every direction and making it illegal for New Yorkers to drive more than 25 mph.

Throw all of the ridiculous bike, bus lanes and service roads into the mix and it now takes New Yorkers twice as long to drive from Brooklyn to midtown Manhattan as it does to travel by subway and bus.

The Vision Zero initiative was implemented under the guise of reducing traffic injuries and deaths which I strongly doubt judging from the now chaotic roadways and sounds of traffic passing by my apartment window.  That and fact that the de Blasio administration has as of this past February suddenly stopped releasing any public crash data.

Talking points:  The City is “transitioning to a new electronic crash data reporting system,” after which the data will be updated.

Streets Blog – NYC

…NYPD also stopped posting its monthly crash reports after February. However, the department recently resumed publishing crash data on the city’s open data portal, after the feed went dark for about two months.

We asked de Blasio’s office when City Hall expects the new Vision Zero View system to come online, and why the city can’t continue publishing data on the current platform while the new one is in development.

‘We expect the feed to be restored this summer at which point any old data will be posted retroactively,’ de Blasio spokesperson Austin Finan replied via email….

Moving on —

As for the infrastructure which today is worse than it has been in years, every winter the de Blasio administration’s makes a public announcement that the City has work crews out filling the pot holes that came about due to snow and the salt spreaders.

Mind you they are the same damn potholes that was supposedly filled the year before last and the year before that yet no one in the media or the administration would dare to hold the feet of contractors or city workers (whoever) filling the potholes to the fire for substandard work.

It should be noted that many of the streets that are being ripped apart every winter by the same contractors or city workers show no visible signs of damage.  Just saying.

Legalization of urinating and drinking publicly on the streets of New York and other offenses that diminish the quality of life?  If caught the culprit will not be detained.  Instead the culprit will receive a $ummon$.

Oh yes and the transgender bathrooms.  Most New Yorkers are not as politically correct as the rest of the nation believes. De Blasio’s overreach in this area is another nail in the Commie petard’s coffin of the ground hog killer despised by everyone except his fellow Communist crooks in the New York City Council who voted themselves a 32% salary increase and the likes of Bertha Lewis and her Working Families Party whose pockets are bulging courtesy of their comrades in City Hall and all of whom are the bain of New York City’s existence….LITERALLY!

Bill de Blasio, one-term mayor should be sent packing with his tail between his legs.  New Yorkers owe it to ourselves to send this ideologue packing.  If only we could find someone worthy enough to audit City Hall.