I really despise these Commie establishment talking heads on the down low (until recently, anyway) who have anointed themselves the “collective” voices of reason.


What follows down below is a shameful, disgusting, SJW and politically motivated soapbox moment. This is an event to be celebrating the students, not one man’s idiotic, misinformed and biased personal diatribe.

Stay Classy, Mr. Gergen. I’m not sure who you think you’re kidding. You claim to be a Republican but it’s painfully clear from just Googling your name that you’re the squishy Lindsey Graham kind.

This pathetic political speech is just what we’ve come to expect from a “CNN senior political analyst” and is exactly the kind of thing that creates new Trump voters every day.

Folks – Try to make it all the way through and note that anyone who has a conservative lean to them is now an ‘extremist’ by Gergen’s measure.

Now, juxtapose Gergen’s diatribe with this commencement speech.

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