Lowering tuitions, making it more affordable for students attending Black universities, the poor, etc. would have also taken the victim card out of play for Progressive bureaucrats and those pushing a specific agenda. We can’t have that, now can we?


Last week I alerted folks that Bully Barber was calling SB 873 racist.  What the bill does is lowers fees and tuition rates for instate students at certain NC colleges, therefore making it more affordable for minorities and poorer students to attend.

Barber managed to bully Sen. Apodaca into altering the bill, by dropping the Historically Black Colleges from the list.  GEE, that’s awesome… said no minority or poor student. Ever.

Read about this nonsense at ABC news who, to their credit, point out this bill would have made college more affordable for many students.


Though the legislation would have put a college education within reach of more people, it ran into unexpected resistance.

“It hadn’t been pleasant, and for the life of me I can’t understand it,” said Apodaca, who attended Western Carolina. “I would do nothing to cheapen the degree. And we’re just trying to lower tuition costs…

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