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As most of us have already suspected, the allegations (and lawsuit) against Trump University is a smear campaign to discredit the 2016 Republican Party nominee, Donald Trump. (Nothing presumptive about his nomination, as far as I can see.)

Published on Jun 1, 2016

The recent press attacks upon Trump University have not been an accurate representation of the professionally run school that provided a quality real estate education. While the press has taken selected portions of documents and testimony and spun them in order to further their agenda of attacking Mr. Trump’s business record, the true story is best told by the students who attended Trump University and used the information they learned to become successful real estate investors and entrepreneurs. The students on this video are representative of the many students who were overwhelmingly satisfied with Trump University. Rather than listen to the media spin, listen to the hard-working students who can attest first-hand to the truth about Trump University.