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crew-2231211The real question and of course it’s rhetorical, is what would an unbiased judge be doing looking into the workings of Trump University.

There is plenty of time for mud to be slung, the only serious option for the D.N.C. with its woefully thin bench of bottom feeders trying to become the nominee for their party.

afp-8c6aa79907c1b832be0e23de9775c978e8e167b2Rest assured Trump is one hell of a counter puncher and will relish the opportunity to crush them with his own ads.

Donald Trump having made billions in buying, selling and building real estate projects shares his methods with his students?

So what, that is no crime with the exception of the twisted minds of the left who still believe wealth is a zero sum game. 

When a federal judge ruled against Donald Trump this week in a lawsuit against Trump University, he inadvertently unleashed a bombshell involving Democratic rival…

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