The Daily Sheeple by Piper McGowin

Undoubtedly, these graduates are glad to be done with school.

After 12 years of compulsory education, they are finally getting out. They have served their time.

And the value of that public education is more in question than ever, particularly for anyone who bothered to read their diploma.

Can you spot the issue here?

Screenshot 2016-05-24 at 9.03.37 AM
Recently, students at Ontario High School in California graduated and proudly received their hard-earned diplomas.

Yes, a @$%&ing spelling error at the institution entrusted to rear these impressionable developing minds.


According to KTLA5, the school blamed the issue on a graduation products company “printing error”… which apparently no one at the school caught while they were stuffing 550 diplomas into them.

While it may be a minor error, it certainly raises questions about the quality of their schooling.

At least the students were quick to catch it.

The district, close to the Los Angeles area, didn’t actually respond until the seniors began posting pictures of their diplomas on Twitter. Students have been assured they will receive a new, correctly spelled diploma complete with an apology letter[…]

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Public school education = MAJOR FAIL.  What are the odds that school officials picked up on the spelling but let it go assuming that the students would either not notice the spelling error or let it go?

That is, after all, the Progressive mindset towards teaching our children aka they can’t be bothered.