Fellow Communists snubbed Barack Hussein Obama yet again, this time around Sunday night after Air Force One touched down in Communist Vietnam by government officials who opted out of the greeting ceremony.

European Times

US President Obama in Hanoi Sunday night receives bouquet of flowers. Barack Obama arrived in Communist Vietnam on Sunday night….Nobody respects him, not even the Communist Vietnamese.

As a consolation prize they did give him a pretty bouquet. The Communists Cubans snubbed Obama in Havana in March, too. Here’s a list of the officials who picked the short straw.

List of Communist Vietnamese officials who skipped Obama's meet and greet at airport


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Obama, the malignant narcissist sees himself as some kind of savior for these nations while his fellow Commies make no effort to show the great appeaser a modicum of respect.

Could it be that under the malignant narcissist the world has become a more dangerous place?

In the meantime, another chapter for Obama’s autobiography on the taxpayer’s dime.