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Fundamental transformation. The American system of public education is uniquely susceptible to just that sort of destructive nonsense. In truth, there is nothing new under the sun. Circa 2016 AD, people learn in exactly the same ways people learned in 350 BC as Aristotle held forth. Times change; people don’t. Yet, con men have always made billions selling the same old, failed ideas dressed up in new acronyms and colorful curricular materials to educrats wanting to make their mark by “transforming” education.

But then came the Age of Obama and the imposition of progressive transformation. Leftists always drool over the prospect of taking control of the minds of children. They understand all too well that children are the key to controlling the future, to permanent leftist majorities that can never be voted out of office. They dream of socialist utopias like Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Illinois and California if…

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